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End your dependence on YouTube and Flickr. Host your own media gallery in 5 minutes.

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Business Owners

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Show high-resolution image during slideshow

Thursday, April 10, 2014:  You can view a slideshow in an album by clicking the Play slideshow button that appears above an image: By default, the slideshow scales to use the entire browser window to show the web-o... Read more...

What's new in Gallery Server Pro 3.1?

  • Improved quality of web-optimized videos
  • Images generated up to 3 times faster
  • Auto-rotation of images and videos
  • Easier Active Directory setup and integration
  • Improved performance for large numbers of user accounts
  • Synchronization up to 300% faster
  • Synchronization uses less server memory
  • On-demand rotation of videos
  • Support for 3GP videos
  • Many bug fixes

How Gallery Server Pro works

  • It's an ASP.NET web application you host on your web server.
  • Add your media files: You have choices: (1) Drag and drop from your hard drive, (2) Synchronize to existing files, or (3) Upload a ZIP archive containing multiple files and directories.
  • Auto-convert: Web-optimized versions of images, video and audio are automatically created.
  • Data storage: Media object files are stored on the hard drive. Metadata about these files, such as width, height, caption, etc. are kept in the database.
  • Customizable: Manage access to assets with robust management tools. Change the layout and styling with built-in editor using only HTML and CSS skills.