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End your dependence on YouTube and Flickr. Host your own media gallery in 5 minutes.

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Business Owners

Add a gallery to any site. Robust security and watermarking. More...

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Web Designers

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IT Managers

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Use dropdowns for easier data entry, better searching, and increased data integrity

Friday, December 5, 2014:  Gallery Server Pro supports 75 pre-defined properties for your media assets, such as title, caption, and more. There are also 20 custom properties you can use for any purpose you desire. You... Read more...

What's new in Gallery Server Pro 3.2?

  • New UI templates for tag clouds and tag trees (Enterprise edition)
  • View recently added/top rated media (Enterprise edition)
  • RSS/Atom support (Enterprise edition)
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Faster loading of large albums
  • Improved touchscreen support
  • Metadata editing in virtual albums
  • Improved upload page includes new thumbnail preview
  • Latest version of libraries: Entity Framework 6.1, Plupload, jQuery, jQuery UI, jsTree, jsRender, Web.API, and more
  • Many bug fixes

How Gallery Server Pro works

  • It's an ASP.NET web application you host on your web server.
  • Add your media files: You have choices: (1) Drag and drop from your hard drive, (2) Synchronize to existing files, or (3) Upload a ZIP archive containing multiple files and directories.
  • Auto-convert: Web-optimized versions of images, video and audio are automatically created.
  • Data storage: Media object files are stored on the hard drive. Metadata about these files, such as width, height, caption, etc. are kept in the database.
  • Customizable: Manage access to assets with robust management tools. Change the layout and styling with built-in editor using only HTML and CSS skills.