You have a business to run. Let Gallery Server Pro make it easier.

Easy to Install. Simple. Intuitive.

Powerful and Configurable

Shopping Cart & Facebook Integration

Share your photos, video, audio and documents with the world

Screen shot of a watermarked image in Gallery Server Pro

A flexible security model gives you complete control over how users interact with your media files. For example, anonymous users might see a watermark while paying customers see the full, unaltered image.

The last thing you want to do is mess around with resizing photos and maintaining your web gallery. Maybe you have video you want to share, but your current web gallery doesn't support it.

With Gallery Server Pro, your gallery is automatically generated from your media files. There is no restriction on the type of file. You can manage your collection from any web browser. It is intuitive, fast, and scalable to hundreds of thousands of files!

Easily style the gallery to reflect your branding using only HTML and CSS skills.

Sample Facebook and PayPal templates included*. In just a few minutes you can have a branded shopping cart gallery integrated with social media!

Protect your photos with built-in watermarking using your own logo or custom text.

A role-based security model helps you control who can view and edit your files. Permissions such as view object, edit album and more can be assigned to individual users and albums.

For example, you can let users browse the entire gallery but upload files only to their personal album.

Or create separate galleries where each user's album is completely isolated from the others.

The possibilities are endless.

No-hassle gallery installation

Screen shot of a .DIVX video playing in Gallery Server Pro

Supports all video and audio files, creating web-optimized ones when necessary. Here we see a H.264 MP4 video playing using the HTML5 video tag. Look ma—no plug-in!

Gallery Server Pro has step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration. But let's face it—you'd rather be building your business than trying to figure out what an FTP program is.

Hire us to install your gallery for you. We know Gallery Server Pro inside and out and have a bag full of tricks to tweak it to your exact specifications.

We can create custom skins that incorporate your logo, colors and other branding elements.

A simple installation can usually be completed within a day for $99. Check out the Professional Services page.

* Included in Enterprise Edition