Arvixe web hosting

Gallery Server Pro recommends Arvixe for robust web hosting

Full Trust. SQL Server. Unlimited data & bandwidth. $5/Month. Sweet!

We spend a lot of time installing and supporting Gallery Server Pro, which gives us a chance to experience a bunch of web hosting companies. Some are just plain awful. Maybe it's a hard to use control panel, excessive security restrictions, or tech support that doesn't respond or is clueless.

In our experience, we have found Arvixe to be reliable, responsive and cost effective.

We guarantee Gallery Server Pro runs great on Arvixe servers with support for all advanced features, even with their cheapest plan. If you're considering another hosting company, ask them if they support Full Trust ASP.NET applications. Most low-cost companies don't. Arvixe does.

Get up and running in 5 minutes!

  1. Sign up with Arvixe.
  2. Install Gallery Server Pro from the Web App Gallery in the Control Panel.
  3. (Optional) Install the Gallery Server Pro Binary Pack*.
  4. Done! Start playing with your new gallery.

Just a few reasons why we love Arvixe

Full Trust—Arvixe runs web sites run at full trust, which allows Gallery Server Pro to provide advanced features such as video/audio transcoding and thumbnail extraction for video/PDF/EPS file. It also allows improved metadata extraction such as title, keywords, GPS coordinates, and IPTC data. Other hosting companies force you to run at reduced trust.

SQL Server—Even their cheapest plan includes SQL Server.

Killer Support—Their technical support is excellent, even going so far as being willing to install software on their servers to better support Gallery Server Pro. (Gallery Server Pro requires GhostScript to extract thumbnails from PDF and EPS files, and this can only be installed by running the setup program on the server.)

* For best performance converting video and audio files, create a support ticket with Arvixe and ask them to disable 32-bit application compatibility on your site. FFmpeg works best when the app pool is running as a pure 64-bit process.