Play with live demos of Gallery Server Pro

Media Gallery with Default Settings

See how intuitive, elegant, and easy to use Gallery Server Pro is by browsing a sample gallery configured with default settings.

You can even upload and manage your own photos, videos, audio, and documents for testing.

Watermarking - Paging - Facebook - Custom Properties - More...

See a variety of cool things you can do with your own gallery.

  • WATERMARKING - See watermarks in action. Images have both a text and image watermark applied during the page request.
  • PAGING - Check out an album with paging enabled.
  • FACEBOOK - View a live Facebook integration using the templates included with the Enterprise Edition.
  • CUSTOM PROPERTIES - See an album with custom, user-editable properties for each media object.
  • SCALABLE - Play with an album containing 100,000 media files and see for yourself it's amazing performance.

E-Commerce Gallery

Play with a fully functioning e-commerce site built with Gallery Server Pro. Features a PayPal shopping cart and a UI customized with the new UI Template feature.

TIP: The Enterprise Edition of Gallery Server Pro includes PayPal templates to get you up and running quickly.

NOTE: Demo only - The items are not for sale. If you complete the checkout process you will get bupkis.

Integrated Gallery

Add rich multimedia functionality to your existing website by dropping the ASP.NET user control into any page of your .NET website. This demo shows the ease with which you can embed video, audio and other media types into a UI that is customizable to your requirements.

TIP: Gallery Server Pro can even be added to non .NET sites by installing the gallery as a stand-alone site and embedding it using an iframe.

User Albums

Gallery Server Pro can be set up to allow users to create and manage their own personal gallery space. Each user has admin rights to their media files with optional read-only access to other users' galleries.